Queries into my presentations

1) Israel is a fulfillment of God’s prophecy to the Jewish people, so we should support the state.

But is Israel in her current manifestation really the fulfillment of God’s prophecy? Who is to say that the state is the state that God really wants? Especially when the state does everything that is contrary to what is deemed Christ-like behavior?

Plain and simple, the current state of Israel is a political construct. It is not a nation under God, and never was one to begin with. The Zionist movement – which led up to the creation of the state of Israel – is a secular, political movement. It was – and still is – comprised predominantly of secular Jews.

Is God’s promise to the Jews unconditional, and that He will bless a nation that is rife with human rights abuses and ungodly ways of dealing with others? And did God call on a political project that would destroy the lives of thousands of Palestinians?

I think one way of supporting Israel is to make sure that she is upholding God’s principle of love, mercy, compassion, and justice – things that she is not doing right now.

Moreover, God never called us to support certain political parties or governments – these are all man-made. All we know for certain is that God called us to be loving and merciful to others.

To quote a pastor from Jerusalem, “To idealize the religious significance of the State of Israel is to close one’s eyes to the spiritual, religious and moral realities of the modern Jewish state.”

2) Israel provides a safe haven for Christians, unlike all the other countries surrounding it.

Missionary activity is highly discouraged within Israel. In fact, some Messianic Jews are persecuted within Israel by other Jews.

An article by Amira Hass paints a different picture of Israel as a “safe haven” for Christians.

3) Injustices happen in other countries too, so why should we point out all the wrong things in Israel? Why should we single out Israel?

Just because these injustices happen in other countries doesn’t make what Israel is doing okay.

It’s the same thing as saying, “This person is doing drugs, so it must make it okay for my kids to do it too.” There are certain principles and values that you cannot backslide on – you uphold them wherever you go.

Shining a light on injustices is ever so important – not only in autocratic regimes, but also in democracies. We become lazy and falsely presume that democracies are well-oiled regimes that need no checks and balances from others – that they are infallible and moral constructs.

But wasn’t it a 21st century democracy – with the implicit and explicit backing of many other Western democracies – that led to the deaths of thousands in the Middle East?

Israel self-identifies as a democracy that upholds democratic principles and adheres to human rights conventions. When there is a disconnect between what the State says, and what its actions are, we need to keep the government accountable.

Martin Luther rightly said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

4) But you have to admit that these barriers, fences, checkpoints, etc. – though unpleasant – do help keep terrorists out.

Is it more important to secure the lives of your own citizens, at the expense of the liberties, freedoms, and lives of others?

Answering positively to this question translates to ill-conceived policies and security procedures, like pre-emptive wars.

Could you live in peace, knowing that your security is bought at the expense of thousands who had no choice but to submit to the Western world’s imposition of “justice” and “security”?

And who is to say that these security and pre-emptive measures really solve the root of the conflict? They may end up perpetuating the hatred and animosity in future generations.

Put simply, they are bandage solutions to a gushing wound. They not only fail at resolving the conflict, but perpetuate it.

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